Feedback from Workplace Leaders Conference in Delhi, India

Kent’ comments:  Thanks so much for your prayers for our India trip.  Delhi was the last city of the five.  Here are few of the comments from the Delhi seminars. 

Feed-back from a few of the participants who attended the Pastor’s and Workplace Leaders Conference in Delhi, India: 

  • “Last two days God has spoken to me in many ways. I have decided to re-work on my weekly schedule. I have already listed some “Horses” in whom I want to invest my life. My congregation consists of 80% working group and this seminar has really enlightened me. Thank you” – Pastor R
  • “I will  be using the resources and teachings of Kent Humphrey’s in my Church planting trainings” –

Rev. G.  Training Director

  • Focusing on few people that God has brought to my mind during this seminar” – Ms. B
  • “I want to identify the ‘Horses’ in my circle of influence and train them to train others” – Mrs.  K
  • “I have learnt through this seminar about what does it mean to be a model servant. I will use this training in my local Church and will train others as well” – Pastor P
  • “I will focus on few while ministering at large” – Pastor J
  • “The training was very enlightening to me. I have decided to find out and train the ‘Horses’ at the earliest. I also will use these resources in my Church and especially in my Bible studies with few close staffs” – Rev.  K
  • “I will use these concepts to encourage and mentor people around me” – Mr. D
  • “I will apply these ideas in my workplace” – Dr. S
  • “I will try to be more accessible, honest, and more encouraging” – Ms. S
  •  The seminar that we were privileged to attend had turned out to be one of a life time experience, not only to me but to all who had attended. The very next day morning I had received a call from a school teacher to say thank you for inviting her to the seminar. She told me that she had never attended a seminar like this one. She was so much excited to be a part of this along with her school principal and teachers. There were three non-Christian teachers, and she was one among them. Mr. S. S.  (She wrote on her comment card, “I plan to become a true follower – have allegiance and submission to my leader. To improve my relationships with my co-workers and family. I have decided to transform my concept of ‘service’ by being truly devoted to my students and school”)
  • “One of our Church members told me that through this seminar he came to know clearly that he is a missionary now in the place where he works. He is now fully convinced that the place where he works in the Central government is a field prepared by God for him. He has already started using these concepts practically in all the areas possible.”  Mr. S. S.
  • “This training was very much new to me and I am blessed. I want to apply it in our ministry since we are in the promotional ministry for the Mission. In every Church there are few horses and we want to identify them to use their talents and part of their finances for the Lord. I also will share it with others” –  Mrs. D, Missionary
  • “I will use this in my Church and in my Bible College” – Rev. T
  •  “I learned that how JESUS taught to the public but separated 12, and out of 12 were then 3 whom HE let to see HIS GLORY. Please do convey my heartily thanks to KENT for having such a faith to travel with his physical challenge.” – Pastor A.

*Names edited to protect their confidentiality and italics added are my emphasis


Shepherding Horses Seminar Testimony from Bangalore, India Pastor

Kent’s Comment:  Sometimes we never know if our prayers or our service to others really makes a difference in someone else’s life or in eternity.  However, when we get just ONE TESTIMONY like the one below, then we are encouraged to pray more and to continue to work in the harvest field. This pastor immediately implemented the training and is making a huge difference in the lives of the leaders in his community. So, thanks so much for your prayers and BE ENCOURAGED!

Shepherding Horses Seminar Testimony from Bangalore, India Pastor*

Praise the Lord!!!

I just want to express my gratitude for the privilege you gave us to participate in the last conference in Campus Crusade for Christ.

I also want to thank you for bringing Kent Humphreys and his team to India. If what happened in my heart has happened in the heart of the other participants, I can say for sure that a powerful seed was sown in the nation and the devil received a very powerful blow.

I actually believe in disciple-making but I never thought how to deal specifically with leaders in the marketplace. I was also thought to invest in people and build them so as to have leaders that will help ME build my Church. The strategy was simple: to invest in people so that they will in return will help me build my Church. The selfish motive was not apparent at first but it was there, such that I won’t say that I succeeded in building someone if at the end of the day he was not a leader in my Church serving under my authority.

The first thing that the conference shattered was that selfish motif. I learned that I was to invest into people and build them and release them to serve God wherever God placed them. I was choked to realize that I had never asked any of my people how I could help them serve God in their business. My teaching was framed to link the person to God but also to me. I accepted the paradigm shift and decided to release people. It was about God’s Kingdom not mine. I was assured that my input in people will SURELLY be rewarded in Heaven by God. When I invest into someone, I will reap interest in all the work the person will do for God wherever he is.

The second thing that blessed me was to accept that the leaders in the marketplace could actually be serving God in their work place. The passage of Hebrews 11 was VERY STRIKING. I was surprised that it NEVER occurred to me that most or almost all the people God used were leaders in the marketplace. They were men and women in authority in the secular world and could use them to powerfully advance HIS Kingdom.

Considering these two main things that touched my heart during the conference I decided to take action.

I was working with an IT engineer working in a big company of the city for the past 3 years; a man who has travelled in more than 25 countries and was planning to let him down because he was not joining my Church nor was responding to my teaching as I EXPECTED. When I learned that my job is to teach and train people and that it is God’s business to bring the fruits, I resume continuing with him and his family afresh. We usually met once every week.

I selected 3 other men and one woman and decided to implement the message on them; 3 of the men are chief of families and business leaders in the marketplace. The woman has her own business and one man is also completing his MBA. I decided to see him as a business leader to be and deal with him as such. All of these people were very happy to receive me either in their homes or workplace once a week.

When I met with my old disciple, I asked him the question I had never asked for the past 3 years. What can I pray for your work? He explained joyfully and I prayed. I called him again during the week to clarify something about his work and we prayed again on the phone. I was building trust. One week letter, he called me to explain his business plan for the coming month and we prayed about it. Then he asked me the beautiful question I never heard for the past three years. “Pastor, how can I glorify God in my work place? Please I would like you to give me a teaching on this in our next Bible Class.” I was excited and humbled. It seems God was beginning to move in his heart. Why only now? Maybe it was because I was no more working for my Kingdom but for God and the success of others. I was glad I that the question came when I was reading the book Show and the Tell by Kent. I got enough input to tell him how he could glorify God in his work Place. It was beautiful. I told him that he had a great range of opportunity to serve God as he goes from one country to the other that I who was confined in one place. He was excited. He was just to be the salt and the light wherever God placed him. I could see that the fear that I was dragging him to settle in my Church was vanishing. HE COULD REMAIN IN HIS PLACE AND DO GREAT THINGS FOR GOD.

So far, I have met each of my horses twice already. They know I am committed to teach them the word of God, to help them apply it in their lives and show them how to serve God through their business. I TOLD THEM THAT GOD WAS VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE SUCCESS OF THEIR BUSINESS AND THAT INCREASED THE FREEDOM IN THE ATMOSPHERE.

I can already feel an increase in the bonding with each of these people. As I pray and continue the work trusting God. I believe God will bring fruits and more fruits for HIS GLORY and the EXPANSION of HIS KINGDOM.

Thank you Mr Charlie.

God bless you and your family.

Pastor, Bangalore, India

**This letter was sent to Charlie Abro, who coordinated the seminars in India in March, 2012. The name of the pastor has been withheld and the content edited in order to preserve the confidentially. Italics are my emphasis and the bold and the CAPITALIZATION are each the pastor’s. 

India Trip Summary – 3/27/12

Eph 3:20-21 (TLB)

“Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of-infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes. 21 May he be given glory forever…”

Dear Friends and Family,

My father loved Ephesians 3:20 but often claimed Eph. 6:40 which is DOUBLE 3:20. (There is no 6:40, but that did not matter to Dad as he had a huge faith!)  I love numbers and I love to make good long-term investments.  Our trip to India was all about numbers that will, in turn, result in some excellent spiritual investments.  It is really all about people, leaders, influence, and transformed lives.  I hope to briefly give you a vision for what we saw God do right in front of our eyes in this nation which has massive numbers of people.  In the next few years India will pass China as the most populated nation on the earth.  Everywhere you look there are people, and each person represents an eternal soul for which Christ died.  Many are coming to Christ in evangelism of all kinds – including large crusades.  His church is young and growing and in need of leaders and those who are maturing in the faith.  And, most of all the evangelism has reached only the lower class of society and some of the middle class.  Few of the upper class leaders of society have been reached by the Gospel.  Our goals for the Shepherding Horses seminars were simple:

  1. Help the pastors to how to understand workplace leaders and how to build bridges of relationships with them and equip them as Christian leaders.
  2. Give pastors insights into how to make DISCIPLES of every follower of Jesus, which is in their church sending them out to their sphere of influence.
  3. Encourage workplace leaders in business, government, education, etc to understanding their calling and how they can impact their workplaces for Christ.

We did this through a one and one-half day pastors seminar and a four hour evening workplace leaders seminar in each of five cities across India.

The numbers only tell part of the story, but they do give us some clues as to what kind of return we will see from our investment.  Davidene and I spent 18 days on our journey, taking 11 flights, staying in 6 hotels, and teaching 10 different seminars in 13 days.  We had 5 or 6 of us on the team at any one time.  Two team members had to pull out at the last minute,  and we were joined by key volunteers in every city who helped with all the details of serving anywhere from 75 to 250 people at each seminar. Our leader, Charlie, pulled this off without a problem in multiple venues in just a few days. It seemed like we were always packing or unpacking or standing in line at an airport.  We had only a few hours of free time in the entire 2 weeks.  Davidene, Charlie’s wife, Sally, and Sherry Jordan got to go on a 15 hour journey to the Taj Mahal.

Pastor Perry Bowers did a super job in helping me carry the load the first week, but the last week I had to shoulder most of the primary speaking sessions.  Yet, God sustained me even with my 20% breathing capacity as I gave 39 of the 49 major sessions in 13 days of speaking. Near the end of the 2 weeks, I spoke 4 to 6 times a day and yet seemed to gain strength because of YOUR PRAYERS.  The speaking was not as challenging physically as going up stairs and ramps in the airports and the grind of constant travel by taxis and planes. My body was taxed to the max, and all the while, I was taking breathing treatments, medication, shots, and trying to get rest for an hour at any time that I could.  I would fall asleep in a minute in the afternoon and take a much needed nap. Chris, Geoff, Davidene, and key local leaders shared in the testimony slots which were extremely impactful.  Davidene addressed a key women’s group, and, while not planned, in the later cities she addressed the largely male crowd in both seminars on marriage and communication issues and hit a huge home run – maybe even a grand slam!!  This was simply a miracle considering the culture, but God did something really special in terms of application and reception.  Chris has a 15 year track record of working and living with Indians in the USA and India and was really received well. Geoff was able to share how churches and ministries can put a well in any village for only $600 instead of $6,000 and product cleaner water than what already existed in any city that we visited.  We had a small but powerful team, even though we had to leave some key members at home.  God really knit our hearts and lives together.

Very conservatively, we trained somewhere between 800 to 1,000 pastors and spoke to around 600 to 800 workplace leaders. Each one of those numbers represents a key Christian leader in India and I was able to personally talk to hundreds of them. From 9am to 9pm I was either speaking to the group or meeting personally with these leaders in brief touches with some wonderful men and women in the Body of Christ in India. I was encouraged by many that what we were sharing was a radical shift in thinking and we were told that this message was exactly what the nation needs at this time.  Many key leaders told me that God had revealed to them that what were we sharing was biblical to the core and what God was calling the nation to at this moment in their history.   Well over 50% of the pastors led key churches, were leaders of the denominations, or were leaders in key Christian organizations like missions, bible schools, or training ministries.  A number of them will go back and help us to train many more of the pastors in their networks or communities.  Charlie Abro has been with Campus Crusade for 41 years (and has been fundamental in taking the Jesus Film to India in 104 languages), Rick Warren’s Saddleback program to 27 cities, The  Billy Graham My Hope meetings, and other national agendas.  Charlie is highly respected because of his ability to bring together the entire body of Christ in projects over a number of years.  He is one of the most gifted and capable servant leaders that I have met anywhere in the world.  He plans to put the training into 14 different languages and work though the Bible colleges and down through the key denominations.

So, how do the numbers add up?  Well, when you talk of numbers you need to consider multiplication because in the long run, it works better.  Of those pastors in attendance, at least 20% (that is the normal response in any teaching,  but this was a special group) of those will apply the principles and 20% of those will become leaders in the transformation process.  So, I am expecting that close to 200 will apply these radical concepts that are not “new”, but instead a return to the model of Jesus’ interaction with the twelve.  Of those 200, about 40 to 50 will be key implementers and leaders in the Indian church in REDISCOVERING THE METHOD OF JESUS MAKING DISCIPLES AND TRAINING SPIRITUAL LEADERS.  If only 160 pastors become equippers of the saints (and particularly leaders) – in addition to preaching and teaching –  they will each impact an average of 100 to 200 in their congregation (probably more due to their having the larger churches and many head networks).  Each one that they impact has anywhere from 50 to 500 in their sphere of influence.  The workplace leaders have even larger networks – whether they are a small entrepreneur, an educator, a government official, or an executive in a larger enterprise.  So, if you reach INFLUENCERS, you are in the multiplication business which yields great returns.  We were asking these leaders to NOT ONLY shepherd the sheep but train and EQUIP the horses (leaders) in their churches.  We asked them to continue to preach and teach but ON THE SIDE TO train leaders in a small group and INVEST into and DISCIPLE 2 or 3 new leaders every year or two.  The reception of and openness to radically changing their thinking was very encouraging.  The willingness of many to immediately APPLY these truths IMMEDIATELY was surprising.  Some even picked out the names of their key leaders before the day was over.  Others contacted them before the next day seminar.  Every pastor seminar but one had MORE people the second morning than the first day.  This is unheard of in any conference.

Most spoke English as a second or third language, but the culture is different, and we came from half way around the world.  The hearts of these key leaders were touched by the Holy Spirit and HE went before us and prepared the way.  The prayers and receptivity seemed to build in each city (which were unrelated), yet the prayers seems to have a CUMMULATIVE effect.  The response was the BEST that I have seen anywhere in the world although the book is in 13 major languages and has been well received in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and particularly in Asia.  God is just moving in India through miracles, breakthroughs in the Hindu and Muslim religious groups, in the midst of huge persecution in the north, and in massive crusades in the south.  In the USA most of the “horses” get the message immediately but fewer than 5% of the pastors in the USA get the equipping model that God is calling us to and less than 1% are doing it.  The pastors are just overwhelmed by the sheep making requests and are simply doing what we are demanding INSTEAD of what God has commanded.  So, as Dr. Perry Bowers boldly proclaimed, in our nation we have disobeyed God and are not making disciples and the church is in decline.  Perry is a pastor who has given the last 20 plus years to making disciples of key workplace leaders.  He and other key pastors are my HEROES.

As I am home now, please pray for me now as I continue to reduce my steroids, reduce my weight, get more healthy, AND to understand how I am able to serve Charlie and these pastors as they take this message across India.  How can we assist through email, phone, resources, etc?  Does God want me to ever travel again?  How does my health fit into all of this?  Is this huge breakthrough just in India or is God doing something across the Body of Christ at this time?  I have to re-enter my normal life in my study and at the office.  I have three key speaking events in April then take most of May off for some minor surgery.  So, I will seek to be listening carefully to exactly how God wants us to proceed to not lose any of this fruit and this unique opportunity to serve these leaders.  I really need to hear clearly on the next steps because  investment opportunities such as this are RARE.  Thanks again for your diligence in your PRAYERS and in encouraging us and supporting this effort.  May our HEAVENLY FATHER reward you in every way.

Your brother,


India Update – 3/26/12

We got  on a plane at 3am Sunday morning to start our long trip home.  God has been very gracious to allow us to meet and serve so many new pastor and workplace leader friends.  In every city there has been a team of volunteers to help Charlie with all of the arrangements for the ten seminars that we did.

Please pray for our re-entry; often people stop praying and the enemy steps in with devices such as exhaustion, temptation, and problems at work and home from weeks of being away, etc. So pray for our health, rest, gradual re-entry, protection, and His presence and guidance.

I have three major speaking times in April and need to get back in the routine and catch up on a lot of work without over doing it.  My health needs to be a priority as I need to continue to reduce the steroids over the next 90 days so that I can make progress on my weight and overall health.

Pray for application from the participants to do what they have committed to do and strength to obey and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We have challenged these pastors to pay the cost of equipping leaders one-on-one and in small groups. We have asked them to build saints, not churches and to build bridges with horses who are leaders in the workplace.

Ask God to bless Charlie Abro and give him wisdom as he decides how to take this Shepherding Horses training to Bible schools and denominations across India. The religious nature of the system fights change and relationships, building walls instead of bridges.  So pray for obedience to the radical methods of Jesus.

Thanks for praying.  We will give an update after we arrive home.

Your Partner in His Purposes,

India Update – 3/24/12

They got it!!!

Tonight we just finished our last session – the workplace conference – to a very receptive crowd.  This was #39 for me in 13 days.  It is Saturday night in Bangalore – the city we started in 2 weeks ago – and we leave for the airport in one hour.  Twenty-five years ago when Geoff and Sherry Jordan lived here, there were 400,000 residents.  Now, there are more than 7 million.  The airport is modern and just a mile away are the poor slums.

A pastor attended tonight who had been here for the pastor seminar 12 days ago.  He had an engineer in his church who was uninterested. The pastor went to him and apologized for always trying to get the man to support his church and his ministry.  He asked the man how he, as his pastor, could help him in his ministry on his job.  The man responded and opened up.  They started a relationship.  His whole paradigm has shifted.  He has now picked out 5 horses to equip. He is overjoyed!  He gets it!

We got up at 3am this morning (Saturday) after a full day (Friday) – with the Delhi pastors in the morning and the workplace leaders Friday night.  I spoke 6 times and was not tired.  I have gained strength during the trip as the prayers from the states and here, and the Holy Spirit have sustained me. Wow has God been gracious and faithful.  Davidene and Geoff Jordan have filled in where Perry and Chris left off and have been well received talking about marriage, water wells, and the Be Transformed course.

I got to visit my friend who lives here in Bangalore and is a musician; he has visited 246 countries sharing Christ in the last 6 years.  He has 40 percent breathing capacity so we are quite a pair.

We have made many new friends here in India among pastors, workplace leaders, and ministry leaders. Workplace ministries are exploding here. We hope to find ways to continue to serve them in the days to come.

More of our transition back home as I will share tomorrow.  Thanks again for your investment by praying for the leaders of India.  This is a special time for this nation.

Your brother,

India Update – 3/22/12

We were able to take a big step forward today on Thursday, teaching 5 times in Delhi. Geoff Jordan had three short sessions and each time that he spoke we lost power, but only for his 10 to 15 minutes, but Geoff kept right on speaking without lights or a mic. Thankfully, I was never without power for my PowerPoints. The pastor crowd was less than 100 for the first time but was still very receptive; the spirit was excellent.

Davidene, Geoff’s wife, Sherry, and Charlie’s wife, Sallie, took a long side trip to the Taj Mahal. Davidene will speak tomorrow.  I have to do an extra session for a special group, so I will speak 3 times in the morning to pastors and 3 times that evening to the workplace seminar – which will make for a long day.  However, today, I was not tired or weary at all which I attribute to your prayers…so thank you. With 20 percent breathing capacity, all of this is a continuing miracle.

I just found out that we leave at 4:30 a.m. Saturday to return back to Bangalore and rest some that day. We will follow that with the 3 session workplace seminar there, finishing at 9 p.m.  We pack and get to the airport about 1 a.m. for the flight home.  So, we have two huge days ahead.

Charlie is talking 14 languages for training, and working through the key 100+ denominations and all the key Bible colleges to change the pastoral way of thinking while they are young.

The radical shift in thinking of so many of these leaders is truly a work of the Holy Spirit.  Praise God for His grace  and power and speaking clearly to each of these leaders.

Thanks for your prayers. Today was a miracle as I gained strength.  We just need a couple more days of HIS power and strength.


India Update – 3/21/12

Today marks 2 weeks of our trip and we are now in Delhi (the capital city). We arrived at noon and have a brief afternoon of rest or shopping.  Yesterday we finished in Mumbai and the across the board, the response was maybe the best yet. Davidene spoke twice about wives and hit home runs.

Today is my first day to not speak; so far, I have spoken 26 times in 9 days.

Tomorrow and Friday I am scheduled to speak 5 times each day so I need God’s provision.  We are then off to Bangalore Saturday morning, then do workplace that night before leaving at 3 a.m. Sunday.  Davidene asked how I see it so far.  The numbers have been about what I expected or slightly better, but the gracious response and “getting it” has far exceeded my dreams.

So praise God and pray for clear mind and strength as I speak 10 times in two days.

Pray for clear understanding and application.



India Update – 3/19/12

A good day here in Mumbai (Bombay) with the pastors.  Some came from 400 or 500 miles for the training and several had large networks of churches.  Many are very open to the paradigm shift of becoming equippers.

We taught 5 sessions today and Davidene talked to the pastors for the first time and was well received.  Geoff arrived at 2am from china and shared also.  Tomorrow, Geoff, Rajeev, Davidene, and Charlie will all help so I only have one or two sessions.  The is our afternoon off and we travel on Wednesday to Delhi.  I received group prayer again and feel greatly prayed for.  God is providing grace and strength for each day and I am so thrilled to be here.

Thanks for your prayers!  Pray that many will apply what they have learned.


India Trip – Resources Link

Here is a link to the resources that Kent has been using and referencing during his trip to India. Please click on the following link to view them. There are resources from Kent, Davidene, and Perry Bowers. They are also listed on our website under the “Presentations” –> “Shepherding Horses Workshop” tabs.


If you have any questions, please contact our office via email ( or phone (405-917-1681 x101).

India Update 3/18/12

It is Monday morning in Mumbai, the 4th city on our five-city journey. Perry and Chris left Friday evening to go back to the USA and Charlie’s wife joined us.  Geoff Jordan will meet us here in Mumbai.  On Saturday in Hyderabad, Davidene did a seminar for ladies – many of whom are in the network of Sister Teresa who was a close follower of Mother Teresa and is one of the key ladies in all of India.

I finished the pastor seminar that morning to a wonderful group and a great response.  Then that night we had a very well attended workplace seminar where  a number of the attendees had a radical shift in thinking. It was great to see my friend , Vijay Burton, and the members from his FCCI group of leaders (which has been meeting now for six years).  I heard their stories of life change.  That is what it is all about – Jesus transforming the lives of leaders.

I also met with the other group that PKD Lee started four years ago and is still going strong. I spoke twice Saturday night, so that only made 4 times for the day and God enabled me to do it.  I am gaining strength as I go and the spiritual energy and life of seeing fellow laborers is invigorating.

Sunday morning, we continued our whirlwind Charlie Abro tour by flying to Mumbai. Charlie is one of the true servant leaders that I have met anywhere in the world and radiates Christ with his humble service.  He is connected all over India and we have now done 6 seminars in 4 cities in the first 7 days. It has gone on without one major problem of any kind.

We then got a 3 or 4 hour break for the first time in a week.  Last night, we had a workplace seminar for a 100+ leaders and were helped by our dear friend Rajeev Menon.  I got to see some people whom I first met with Cade Willis and Bobby Mitchell some 6 or 7 years ago.  This included Father Anthony D’Souza who is 86 years old (and looks 66); he is a humble, joyful, Godly leader, still travelling the world speaking for the Haggai Institute, the Pope and others.

Last night I needed a break and asked Davidene to say a few words on living with a driven leader.  Well of course she hit a home run.  The response from young men and many women and across the board was amazing.  Father Anthony told me that I need to have her  address the pastors – which we will do.  Pray for her to be well received.  There are major issues here just as in the USA in the marriages of leaders like us.

The whole concept of shepherds, horses, and sheep is really sweeping across these leaders’ thinking and they love the other analogy of frogs and lizards.  We give each pastor a CD-ROM and the book and we sell the book to business leaders. Most purchase the book for themselves and maybe another one for their pastor.  This will help build hundreds and thousands of bridges between pastors and workplace leaders across India.  The response has been wonderful.  I just wish our pastors were this responsive in the USA.

Your prayers have made this trip a huge blessing in seeing God work to radically change the thinking of many key leaders and it is truly a movement of the Holy Spirit in changing a religious mindset.  Pray that these pastors in Mumbai will have the same enthusiastic response that we have had in the first three cities.  This call to equipping and relationships and discipleship is a challenge to build leaders NOT just a church.  It is a huge shift in the current way of thinking and local pressures. So pray for help in this spiritual battle.  The hearts of these pastors are ready and open.

Appreciate you!!