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Melodies at Midnight

Walking with Joy Through the Darkest Times of Life

Are you feeling sad, alone, anxious, fearful, angry, hurt, or abandoned? “Melodies at Midnight” contains the information that will bring joy and peace to your soul. Janet Parrington shares the practical steps to turn your tunnel of darkness into light.

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Housekeeping Skills for Kids

Davidene’s book, Housekeeping Skills for Kids: Teaching Them Doesn’t Have to be a Chore” has proven to be a best-seller. In it she provides simple and practical steps for parents of any-aged children to train them in skills that they will need to create and run their own home someday. Full of stories, encouragement, and ideas, this book is an inspiration to any parent trying to develop their kids’ domestic skills. It covers everything from  cooking, to organization, to use of tools, to planning great parties. 

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From the Phone Call to the Funeral

Have you ever wondered what to do for a grieving family? Do you find yourself taking food to the house, feeling a bit nervous about what to say? Do you end your visit by saying something like, “If you need anything, call me”? You mean it, but you are not sure what would be helpful. This book is your answer. It is the best gift you could give, and the ideas in it are the best things you could do for these hurting friends. Buy one now, and have it before you need it, because you will need it. Buy another one to put in your church’s office for the next church family who needs it. Helping those who grieve is a wonderful ministry, one which blesses the giver as much as the receiver.
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