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Several years ago as I was driving into the church parking lot on a beautiful Sunday morning, I waved at another driver who is a friend of ours and also a widow.  At that moment I was reminded of the project that I had started two or three times that last fall.  God had seemed to say to me, “Encourage the widows from my Word.”

So, for several evenings that fall I had studied the passages in the Bible on “widows”.  I had also retrieved various things out of the files in my study.  However, my schedule was so hectic that my wife finally moved all the stuff from our living room table back to my study.  I knew if I was to do this project that it would take a lot of time, and that is the one thing that I did not have at this stage in my life.

I was busy transitioning the leadership of our business, after selling it nearly three years ago, was speaking several times a month, and also examining a possible new business venture.  Plus, Davidene and I had just finished the initial writing of our book, and we were having a lot of ministry among our employees and work associates.  So, even though I had gotten a list of widows from our church office, it began to look like that I would not start the project until after New Years.

As I entered the church that Sunday morning, I had many excuses.  Yes, I enjoyed encouraging others, and I certainly loved God’s Word.  But, what did I know about widows or the challenges that they faced?  Why did God want me to do this at this stage of my life?  I was about to cut back at work and spend 50% or more of my time ministering to CEO’s and to pastors.  I knew that I had some skills and experience in that area.  But widows were another group altogether, and God was gently reminding me again to get started on the new adventure. I entered the worship center with those thoughts on my mind.  The music service of our own church was enjoyable since I had been traveling or speaking at other churches on 75% of the weekends during January and February.  Then, the pastor had us turn to his text in the Luke 18 period; I was certainly not surprised to see that the key individual in the text was a widow.  God was faithful in continuing to remind me.

I am sharing this story with you, in order to freely admit that I do not know what this will involve.  However, I will obey God to the extent that I understand.  If you will allow me, I would like to intrude into your already full schedule and briefly share with you a spiritual principle each month.  The purpose will be to encourage you from God’s Word.

If you would allow me to also pray for you, please fill out the enclosed prayer card.  I will seek to pray consistently for your request.  (A photo would also be helpful in praying.)  If your schedule is already too full with family, friends, and activities, then just drop me a note;  I’ll gladly delete your name from the mailing list.  If you would like for me to add a friend, just let me know.  Finally, if you have an active an e-mail address and prefer that method, just e-mail our office at  Also, please note that the enclosed book from Rachel Howard (a fellow widow who received my letters for years) is our gift to you – whether you choose to continue to receive our mailings or not.

So, with your permission, we will begin this journey together.


Kent Humphreys

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