India Update – 3/19/12

A good day here in Mumbai (Bombay) with the pastors.  Some came from 400 or 500 miles for the training and several had large networks of churches.  Many are very open to the paradigm shift of becoming equippers.

We taught 5 sessions today and Davidene talked to the pastors for the first time and was well received.  Geoff arrived at 2am from china and shared also.  Tomorrow, Geoff, Rajeev, Davidene, and Charlie will all help so I only have one or two sessions.  The is our afternoon off and we travel on Wednesday to Delhi.  I received group prayer again and feel greatly prayed for.  God is providing grace and strength for each day and I am so thrilled to be here.

Thanks for your prayers!  Pray that many will apply what they have learned.


India Trip – Resources Link

Here is a link to the resources that Kent has been using and referencing during his trip to India. Please click on the following link to view them. There are resources from Kent, Davidene, and Perry Bowers. They are also listed on our website under the “Presentations” –> “Shepherding Horses Workshop” tabs.


If you have any questions, please contact our office via email ( or phone (405-917-1681 x101).

India Update 3/18/12

It is Monday morning in Mumbai, the 4th city on our five-city journey. Perry and Chris left Friday evening to go back to the USA and Charlie’s wife joined us.  Geoff Jordan will meet us here in Mumbai.  On Saturday in Hyderabad, Davidene did a seminar for ladies – many of whom are in the network of Sister Teresa who was a close follower of Mother Teresa and is one of the key ladies in all of India.

I finished the pastor seminar that morning to a wonderful group and a great response.  Then that night we had a very well attended workplace seminar where  a number of the attendees had a radical shift in thinking. It was great to see my friend , Vijay Burton, and the members from his FCCI group of leaders (which has been meeting now for six years).  I heard their stories of life change.  That is what it is all about – Jesus transforming the lives of leaders.

I also met with the other group that PKD Lee started four years ago and is still going strong. I spoke twice Saturday night, so that only made 4 times for the day and God enabled me to do it.  I am gaining strength as I go and the spiritual energy and life of seeing fellow laborers is invigorating.

Sunday morning, we continued our whirlwind Charlie Abro tour by flying to Mumbai. Charlie is one of the true servant leaders that I have met anywhere in the world and radiates Christ with his humble service.  He is connected all over India and we have now done 6 seminars in 4 cities in the first 7 days. It has gone on without one major problem of any kind.

We then got a 3 or 4 hour break for the first time in a week.  Last night, we had a workplace seminar for a 100+ leaders and were helped by our dear friend Rajeev Menon.  I got to see some people whom I first met with Cade Willis and Bobby Mitchell some 6 or 7 years ago.  This included Father Anthony D’Souza who is 86 years old (and looks 66); he is a humble, joyful, Godly leader, still travelling the world speaking for the Haggai Institute, the Pope and others.

Last night I needed a break and asked Davidene to say a few words on living with a driven leader.  Well of course she hit a home run.  The response from young men and many women and across the board was amazing.  Father Anthony told me that I need to have her  address the pastors – which we will do.  Pray for her to be well received.  There are major issues here just as in the USA in the marriages of leaders like us.

The whole concept of shepherds, horses, and sheep is really sweeping across these leaders’ thinking and they love the other analogy of frogs and lizards.  We give each pastor a CD-ROM and the book and we sell the book to business leaders. Most purchase the book for themselves and maybe another one for their pastor.  This will help build hundreds and thousands of bridges between pastors and workplace leaders across India.  The response has been wonderful.  I just wish our pastors were this responsive in the USA.

Your prayers have made this trip a huge blessing in seeing God work to radically change the thinking of many key leaders and it is truly a movement of the Holy Spirit in changing a religious mindset.  Pray that these pastors in Mumbai will have the same enthusiastic response that we have had in the first three cities.  This call to equipping and relationships and discipleship is a challenge to build leaders NOT just a church.  It is a huge shift in the current way of thinking and local pressures. So pray for help in this spiritual battle.  The hearts of these pastors are ready and open.

Appreciate you!!


India Update 3/17/12

Pray for strength and endurance as I teach 5 times today (starting Saturday).  The issue is not so much my breathing capacity as it is the energy and passion that I use and The Holy Spirit speaking through me; the spiritual battle of us bringing truth to pastors.  It is exhausting but rewarding as they seem to be really getting it.  God is revealing Himself and His truths about equipping and discipleship, horses, leaders, and relationships to these pastors and leaders in attendance.

On Thursday we had more pastors the second day again; the reception was great.  That night the business leaders in attendance included one man who I had met previously in the US; he came 300 miles that day.  Another sharp young man has followed me and our FCCI  and has  been modelling his ministry in the software industry after it.  He is leading many groups of people in his profession there in Chennai in the same model.

I met with other key ministry leaders and offered to just serve them.  They asked for my long term strategy for India and I said that I have none. I believe in divine appointments with no agenda, instead seeking to equip other leaders and serve them.  This gives great freedom and creates powerful partnerships.

Yesterday, on Friday morning, we woke at 230 a.m. and were at airport by 430 a.m.,  flying out at 6am and arriving at Hyderabad at 7 a.m.. We were at the hotel by 8 a.m. and speaking by 10 a.m.

Perry and Chris spoke most of morning and left for the airport, heading back to the USA at 3 p.m. We will miss them.  They did a great job.

We had a great crowd yesterday and the best reception yet.  Like I said, they are getting it.  And it is a work of God and your prayers that this message is being so well received by these pastors.  As you continue to pray, please pray for application and courage for them as they seek to equip leaders and go against the trend of building churches by building disciples instead. This is God’s timing for India and this horses equipping message.  I will say again that I have never seen God work with such power.  How I pray that our churches in the USA would quit playing games and make disciples and go out instead of go in.

We need a new model and Jesus is it.

Thanks for your prayers.  After Saturday we will have done 27 of 50 sessions – a little over half way.  Pray for Davidene today as she speaks to the pastors’ wives.


India Update – 3/14/12

When you are on the go from morning to night, the days begin to blur together. We had pastor classes yesterday in  Bangalore and had more the second day than we did the first day.  And, it turned out that our first day numbers were
bigger than we even thought.

We went to the airport in the afternoon and arrived in Chennai at our hotel about 9pm after a wild ride from the airport. The huge city of Chennai is in the south, and there are many believers and churches here with much more freedom than the north. Also, Christians are pretty serious here and not as many “nominal” as in the north.  Our seminar to pastors did well here on Wednesday – great reception and participation. We will conclude the pastors session Thursday morning,  then tour a Business as Mission software firm, wrapping up with teaching the marketplace seminar until 9pm.

A short night’s sleep will be followed by a 3am wake up for the trip to the airport and a 6am flight to Hyderabad early Friday morning.  Speaking 3 or more times a day allows you time to speak and eat and sleep and little else. I took two daytime naps (which I never do);  when you speak, it is emotionally exhausting. Yet, God is allowing us to connect with people here and we sense the prayers of many.

We believe that a number of pastors will catch the vision of equipping their workplace horses.

So please continue to pray for God’s power and filling and wisdom to say the right things both privately and publicly. Pray, also, that these leaders will follow up on their commitments to equip others.


India Update – 3/12/12

Thanks so much for your prayers which were felt today in our first day of classes in Bangalore, India.

One business leader and his pastor travelled over 400 miles for the 2 day session. We met at the large Campus Crusade group with probably 120 attending (which were nearly all pastors and a few ministry leaders). We met a couple of men leading new workplace ministries.  The spirit of the leaders was great and they had excellent questions between sessions.

We sensed a good reception although we were presenting what would have been hard stuff even for the USA.  Many do not show a lot of facial expression as they listen. Perry and Chris did very well and it appeared that we complemented each other and really blended well. We gave them a strong challenge to equip their people, particularly their strong “horses”.

We will see who returns tomorrow in the half-day conclusion. We will return to Bangalore  for the workplace session the last Saturday of the trip.  We will then fly out late afternoon tomorrow and do it all again Wednesday and Thursday in Chennai. We will follow this with a night session and a flight to Hyderabad at 5am Friday morning.

My health and stamina appeared good – and I felt good – but I was tired after speaking 3 times today.  I have some days ahead of me where I will be speaking 5 times a day – which will now be a challenge.

There was a mix up in travel to the site this morning, but we made it.  The enemy may still try to be disruptive but he has failed to slow us down.  The unity and enthusiasum on our team is great.

Appreciate your encouragement,


India Update – Prayer Requests 3/11/12

Here are some last minute prayer requests as we begin our classes here in Bangalore, India, Monday morning or Sunday evening your time.

  1. Stamina –  with a couple of teammates unable to be with us at the last minute, I will be speaking 12 of the next 13 days and about 40 times total. So I am claiming 2 Cor 12:9, which assures me that I am able to gain His strength and glorify Him in my weakness.
  2. Health – doing well, but schedule will be challenging.  Breathing is good.  I am down to only a 25% increase in steroids vs. 6 to 18 times the normal dosage  over the last month or two.  Long term my disease is in remission but the damage to the airways remains and the reduction of steroids takes months.
  3. Side Effects – two of the many side effects of massive steroids are being irritable and always hungry.  These lead to anger and gluttony.  Not good.  Pray that I will be kind to Davidene and those who serve us and be disciplined in eating.  After losing weight in January, the massive doses that I took negatively impacted my weight the last few weeks due to the cumulative effect. So pray for patience and discipline for me.  Davidene has been great.
  4. Finally,  pray for discernment to determine which leaders to spend the extra five minutes with or sit with at the many meals or be able to invest in the future.  I want to be on the lookout for the FEW key leaders and not to take too much time with the “hangers on”.  Jesus mastered that and I must continue to gain that wisdom in order to make some Lasting Investments here among these pastors and workplace leaders.

Your prayers today for Charlie, Perry, Chris, Davidene, and me are greatly appreciated.  May we glorify Him!