Monday, March 25th – update

Dear Friends, it has been awhile since I posted anything, but not because I didn’t try! I sat here multiple times, and did not know what to say. It is bizarre. Life is like walking through a thick fog. You are walking, going somewhere in familiar territory, but nothing looks the same or quite right. Rain happens when you don’t expect it and don’t see it coming, usually in the form of tears. You actually get some normal things done, although they are now accompanied by mistakes wrought by not thinking well. I feel like my brain has short-circuited, frying some other circuits, too. It just doesn’t respond in the clear sharp way that it used to.

I have made some pretty big mistakes already, which makes me want to stay home and do nothing so as not to be so foolish. But I think it is better to keep going out and living life, however haltingly, then to stay safe. It is a dilemma some days. Some of my mistakes have actually been comical, such as the time I tried to mail an old phone to a company that takes them, but I put my new phone in the box instead, barely catching the mistake before the box had completely left! I have done so many of these things, that I am keeping a whole page of silly mistakes that I write down daily. It will give me some giggles some day, I’m sure. Right now, acting this way is frustrating! I would like to think it is not the normal “me”.

My family passed a huge “first” a week ago. We took the first weekend of the grandkids’ Spring Break from school, and went to our lake house. Only two days – a good starting point. Of course, we walked in, took one look at Kent’s empty chair, and had the first good cry of many. But over-all, the weekend was highlighted by lots of laughter, playing games, watching funny movies, and doing “sweet crafts” with the kids. Hannah, Kenda’s oldest girl, found an great idea on the internet about making sundresses out of men’s shirts. So each granddaughter picked one of “Wads'” shirts, and we are creating sundresses for them. We are all going on a trip to the beach this summer, and the girls will wear their “Wads dresses”. The highlight of the weekend was probably the hours spent sitting on the floor, looking through boxes of old pictures that Kent had been going through to put on the computer. It was precious.

Another huge successful “first” for me happened yesterday – I got through a whole service at church. I didn’t cry, and I even enjoyed the music. That has been the hardest thing – music. Who would have thought?

Well, as you can tell, we are all doing life a day at a time, and that is what God wants, anyway. He sends people, cards, comments, calls, and sunsets at just the right time, every day. His words are precious and sweet – food for the soul. With such nourishment and the calmness of prayer (like a good night’s rest), healing will come. Slowly, but surely. We love all of you, Davidene and family.


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

12 Responses to Monday, March 25th – update

  1. Laura Manahan says:

    It was so good to see you up on the stage during your skit yesterday. I know it wasn’t easy for you and it was a big step in the slow process of healing for you. Continue to know you are loved and prayed for each day.

  2. Bill Bliss says:

    Davidene, thanks so much for sharing your heart on this post. I am so thankful that you have so many family, friends and genuinely nice people around you who are watching out for you, walking with you during this time and making sure you don’t feel alone. We know we serve a wonderfully gracious Lord who knows every pain, sorrow and joy that we experience. A few Sundays ago, our pastor shared this with us that I hope will be helpful – God loves you unconditionally, He is always with you and will never leave you, and He has a greater plan for our lives. I have rested in these promises so often since then; I hope this will be a blessing to you.

    Keep writing, keep expressing your joys and sorrows, and our Lord will continue to provide for you, protect you and encourage you in ways that only He can do.

  3. Herman & Mareita Reece says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and permitting us to walk through this with you. Loving you, Herman & Mareita

  4. BRUCE SNELL says:


  5. boeparrish says:

    Dear Davidene,
    I’ve never had the privilege of meeting you, even though I feel like I’ve known you for years through Kent. I am the business partner of Jon Cook, and have had lunch with Kent on several occasions, and was blessed by his passion, wisdom and wit on each visit. I attended Kent’s beautiful funeral at Crossings. It was very fresh, as I recently lost my father, and even had Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons played at my father’ funeral too. I just wanted you to know how much Kent’s life and work meant to me. He was our business’ biggest fan. I know, everyone felt that way, but his passion, and and dialog about corporate chaplaincy meant so much to Jon and myself.

    We love Lance and many others in your family, along with Brian Banks too. I wanted you to know you we’re prayed for this morning as I also prayed for my precious mother, who had enjoyed over 60 years with my father. Thank you so much for sharing your man with all of us who were blessed to have spent time with him on this side of glory. I realize you have so many wonderful friends and family members, but if Jon or myself can ever serve you in any way, you need only to request it. God bless you Davidene, and all of your family.

    Warm regards,
    Boe Parrish
    Corporate Care, Inc.

  6. danielhigbie says:

    Dear Davidene,

    I’ve always loved C.S. Lewis’ poetry, and I know one of his poems seems to really echo what you are going through in your post. He wrote it when his best friend, Charles Williams, died in 1964. Williams was one of the Inklings, and probably the closest thing Lewis had to a kindred spirit. But I just know that sometimes it helps to have just the right words to express what you are going through..

    “Your death blows a strange bugle call, friend, and all is hard
    To see plainly or record truly. The new light imposes change,
    Re-adjusts all a life-landscape as it thrusts down its probe from the sky,
    To create shadows, to reveal waters, to erect hills and deepen glens.
    The slant alters. I can’t see the old contours. It’s a larger world
    Than I once thought it. I wince, caught in the bleak air that blows on
    the ridge.
    Is it the first sting of the great winter, the world-waning? Or the cold of

    A hard question and worth talking a whole night on.
    But with whom? Of whom now can I ask guidance? With what friend concerning your death
    Is it worth while to exchange thoughts unless—oh unless it were you?” (C.S. Lewis)

    Yet, I also found something this morning I hope is encouraging! I’ve been reading a book by Raneiro Cantalamessa, called “Come Creator Spirit” – he’s one of the few people in the world who is ‘authorized’ to preach to the Pope himself, and even though I’m not Catholic, I have been enjoying reading him so much! But in talking about the Holy Spirit and Grace, he says this –

    “The identification of grace as Holy Spirit, and of Holy Spirit as grace is explicit in the Fathers from the very earliest reflections on the divine nature of the Paraclete… What is it about grace that brings this close relationship with the Holy Spirit to light? Grace is an event, a very specific act, a new and personal intervention by God, of a sort comparable to God’s initial act of creation..

    Grace, according to the basic meaning of the word, is not something that God finds in a human being, or some kind of entitlement that would make a human being pleasing to God, but more radically still, it is that specific act of God that justifies this particular human person and so makes this particular person pleasing to Him… Grace is an experiential reality. We do not merely have an idea of concept of grace, or even a belief in grace (if we take belief to be merely the assent of the mind), just as we do not merely have an idea or a concept or a belief in the Holy Spirit. Grace is something we EXPERIENCE, and it is normal that we should experience it..

    Hence, the apostle speaks of the Spirit and equally of grace as a reality that we are able to experience..”(Come Creator Spirit, Raneiro Cantalamessa).

    May you experience the Spirit of Grace Himself today and from now on, even in the littlest of daily tasks, like postage and operating phones. 🙂

    In Him,

    Daniel C. Higbie

    p.s. And I’m also very glad to hear you are getting back into your lake house, because I remember at the last conference Kent talking about setting it up for you and the family, to be a place of refuge and even provision, in case he was gone to Jesus and the economy got rougher…

    • Daniel, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You’re comments were right on. C.S.Lewis is a favorite of mine, too, but this poem is new to me. Thanks to you, I have received it at a perfect time. It does express my feelings. The most important one who I need to talk to about this is, is the very one who is gone. God has provided otheres, very special others, to be with me and guide me; and I am not alone.But I am learning every day how very much I relied on him for advice and wisdom – even about very little things. I must have asked him a hundred questions a day, if my impulses to ask him about things now are any indication. Wow, we were such a team – about everything! Keep praying, and thanks. Davidene

  7. Carolyn Churchill says:

    Don’t feel too badly about doing silly things. I just paid a SAMs bill twice!! I have a big credit with them now!!!! 😜DUH!!

  8. ynot1yesu says:

    Just a snippet from Kents last visit to India…. “Last night I needed a break and asked Davidene to say a few words on living with a driven leader. Well of course she hit a home run. The response from young men and many women and across the board was amazing. Father Anthony told me that I need to have her address the pastors. Pray for her to be well received……. There are major issues here just as in the USA in the marriages of leaders like us.” – In Bangalore you were inspiring as you plan the future consider to blaze on for His Glory !

  9. Roslyn Robinson says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart, family and memories with us.
    Love you

  10. Doris W. Miller says:

    You are very “Normal”. I remember much the same as you are going through when my husband was killed in a car wreck as my younger son, 19, and I followed behind the car he was driving. Lord Jesus came to my side immediately – spiritually, and through many of His people in the body of Christ – in at least 4 cities! That was 22 years ago, and God has remained faithful to be my Protector and Provider (a husband to the widow)

  11. Olindia says:

    Dear Davidene
    I am writing to you from South Africa. My husband met Kent at a Crown conference in Cape Town and started a long distance relationship with him. Kent gave him professional advise that according to him sometimes chalenged him. We were called, but God equiped me to develope material and train parents,grandparents and teachers to prevent sexual abuse. My husband is stilling working in the professional environment to provide for us, while taking every other responsibility to do what has to be done. Kent’s advice so often encouraged him when he needed it most. Just before Kent was hospitalised I said to my husband that we should send some of the resources to you for your grandchildren and also to honour him for always listening. It would be a priviledge to still do so. Kindly let me know where to, as I do not know whether or not it can be done on this page. Regards Olindia Bresser

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