Feb. 3 – update

Dear Friends:

I want to share with you the beautiful tribute that our daughter, Kenda wrote about her dad:


The Wads

Two days ago I lost my dad.  We called him The Wads.  I know you’re thinking us kids made up that name when we were young and couldn’t pronounce words, but that is actually not the case.  My brother and I were older than I want to admit when we developed a secret language that we were sure no one else would be able to speak or understand.  Mostly, we started everything with “W” and ended up sounding a lot like the French chef muppet.  That is when dad became The Wads.
You knew the minute The Wads walked into a room…and the minute he walked out of it.  He was a loud speaking, big laughing, close talking, arms waving, fast moving, high octane, force of nature. He had a faith so big it left no room for worry, an optimism that plowed through every obstacle, a passion that sparked the fire of dreams, and a joy that swept up everyone in his path.
He taught me the value of prayer and bible reading.  As a little girl I watched him go into his study every morning to meet with God before going off to work.  He taught me not to forget the alone…the widows and orphans.  I watched as he took care of them every month with his encouraging cards and gifts.  He taught me to give to others until it hurts, then give some more.  He taught me to show grace and love not only to my friends, but to those who would wish to harm me.  I saw how he treated others in business even when they were unjust to him.  He taught me to work hard, every hour of every day.  And he taught me how to think big, dream big, and believe I could do anything.
His life was an adventure.  Definitely not because he chose an exciting career…he was a businessman, a distributer…but because he chose to dream.  He chose to allow God’s dreams to fill his heart, and he chose to pursue those dreams.  He believed God could use a single businessman from Oklahoma to change the lives of people across the world.  And he did.
My dad’s life was amazing, incredible, brave, and more powerful than he knew.  But he would never say that of himself, only of the God who gave him life.  In fact, Wads said this…”If Jesus can take a driven, impatient and religious Pharisee like me, and begin to change me, then he can do it with anyone.”
In a world full of people who are beat down, stressed out and depressed…going through the motions, but going nowhere…caught in the doldrums.  Wads would say we can all have a different kind of life.  We can all have joy and passion, energy and adventure, because we can all have the God who provides it.
I am proud, honored and eternally grateful that I got to be his daughter.  And in his honor, I will take this life and I will live it to the fullest.  I will allow myself to dream and to get swept up in the adventure God has for me.  And when I come to my last day, I will be as happy and peaceful as my dad was on his.

About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

11 Responses to Feb. 3 – update

  1. Robin Jones says:

    Wow! What a tribute and every word of it true! No one could have said it better! Thank you!

  2. Bill Bliss says:

    What a wonderful and perfect tribute! I knew Kent as a businessman who had a passion for Jesus in everything he did. Kendra is absolutely correct when she said you knew when he came into a room – boy was that true…and I loved it! Knowing Kent was a privilege, an honor and an awesome gift from God. I am one of the thousands that he had an impact on, was taught by him and learned much from him, and Kent probably didn’t set out to do that – through the grace and providence of the Father, He worked through Kent to have that impact on so, so many people.

    He always spoke so fondly of his family – every single one of them. He cherished the time that he and Davidene would spend with them. He and Davidene have most certainly done a wonderful job in their roles as parents and grandparents.

    I will certainly miss him; yet I have learned a great deal and that will always be with me. I can’t wait to see his smiling face!

    Grateful for the blessing of knowing Kent,

    Bill Bliss

  3. Cheryl Weems says:

    So awe inspiring!! It makes us wish we had been able to spend more time with Kent, and to have known him better. As someone else posted, Kenda should take up writing as well. She describes her father’s life and legacy in words so beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Alan Bennett says:

    I was privileged to have met your dad in FCCI and we even signed each others Bibles at the 2005 conference. You appear to be a chip off of The Wad’s block in the writing and encouraging department. I was blessed to have experienced being encouraged by just being in his presences due to the fact the Father had filled The Wad’s so full of His Spirit and it overflowed to those who were near him. He was an inspiration to me and many in FCCI and will be missed.

  5. Max DeWeese says:

    What a tribute to a special Dad…that could not be more on target.

  6. Bayo & Erem karunwi says:

    Whao!!what a testimony, awesome! To God be the Glory. Let that be our testimony too in Jesus name amen. Lets all learn and carry on from where he left. Davidene you are blessed. We love you loads . Bayo & Erem karunwi

  7. Lorie Kennedy says:

    Wow! Absolutely wonderful.

  8. Doug & Janet Hunter says:

    What a gift to hear things like that from your children … a tribute to Kent, a gift for you and a challenge for all of us who read it and want to run the race like that!

  9. Thank you Kenda. You described your Dad in such a way, that brought back memories of different occasions where I sat in awe of this Godly, inspiring, contagious ordinary man with such a servants heart. He was so very proud of all his family. Both he and your Mom modelled to us and 1000’s others what a devoted follower of Christ looks like in the family, marriage, community and workplace. To God be the Glory. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with Kent and Davidene’s sacrificial lives.

  10. Diane Loesel says:

    Kenda, your descriptive words of your dad made me smile and think about the stories my husband, John, told about Kent (the Wads). He was truly a “presence” in any room, in any setting and he certainly left a mark on our family – one of integrity and purpose – one that we will never forget. He is a model of a man who cared about all the right things and did something about it. What a wonderful legacy he has left, to his family and to all of us that were blessed to spend time with him and your mom. He will be greatly missed.

  11. Cathy Westrum says:

    Oh Kenda… such beautiful heart words… so very lovely!

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