Jan 26th – update

Dear Friends:

It is Saturday morning. I usually try to write to you every night, but I was too tired to think last night, so here I am this morning. Yesterday turned out to be an eventful day – full of surprises and new information. It started out with a phone call from Kent’s new surgeon that the tracheotomy was going to be done in a few hours. Concern over the length of time Kent has been on the ventilator prompted everyone to work him into the Friday schedule. They did not want him to get pneumonia. So it was done, and he tolerated the procedure very well. When he returned to his room from the operating room, he was free of tubes down his throat. (The “trach” attaches to the ventilator hoses through a hole in the front of his throat.) It will be easier to keep clean, and will aid him in the process of learning how to live life while attached to a machine.

We were told that he would be transferred to an Ltac – Long Term Acute Care – facility. Our children and I went to visit the most recommended one, and found it to be very good. It is an actual hospital, which is designated to care for complicted recovery patients, such as people on ventilators, strokes, newly paralyzed, and so forth. Kent will be transferred by ambulance from the ICU at Mercy hospital, to the ICU at Select Specialty Hospital. He will be there as long as it takes to acclimate him to his new ‘normal’, give him physical therapy to strengthen him, and occupational therapy to teach him how to do everyday things. This will take three weeks or longer. During this time, our home will be accessed to determine what changes need to be put in place there, and the work will be done. When both he and the house are ready, he will come home.

That’s the news in a nutshell. Here’s the specific prayer needs:
That he would adjust quickly to the feeling of something stuck in his throat. Although it will become normal to him in time, it is uncomfortable and scary as you are waking up from sedation.
Calmness for him as he wakes up.
Peace for our children. They have been at his bedside for everything. It is so hard to see their Dad in such a struggle. During the short times that he has been allowed to come out of sedation, Kent has cried at the sound of their voices. I know he is grateful they are there, which brings him to tears, but the worst part is seeing him try to cry, and hearing no sound. Until the time arrives that he can learn to talk again, we will all miss the sound of his sweet voice more than anything.
Pray against depression. Kent is not prone to depression at all, but his medications produce it, and he is waking up to the biggest change he could imagine. He entered the hospital thinking he needed lots of steroids, and then he would go home. We knew that might require being on a ventilator for a time, but neither of us thought he was to this point. It will be a shock. And he will grieve the loss of his ability to speak. By the way, I do believe that you can have faith, even great faith, and still experience depression. Faith is the belief that God can and will heal the depression, and the decision to trust Him daily until you are out on the other side of the dark tunnel that depression is. (Sorry about the little sermon, but I needed to remind myself.) I am selfish enough that I do not want him to experience anything more than the natural grief that he will have to face so that he can go on.

OK. This was not an update – it was an epistle. Thank you for letting me talk so long. Thank you, Lord, for such good friends! Davidene


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

15 Responses to Jan 26th – update

  1. steve and susi pettijohn says:

    dear sweet davidene and kent, we are praying for you. thanks for keeping us up on your adventure….i know that there is no place so deep, so long, that God is not deeper, longer, stronger still! we love you, steve and susi pettijohn, the honeybears

  2. Keith Burkhart says:

    Thanks for the update on how to pray for Kent and your family!

  3. Doug & Janet Hunter says:

    You paint the picture so well, Davidene. We can see Kent, along with you and the rest of your family by his side … and we are crying with him and you – tears for the pain and challenge of what you are going through, but not tears without hope. The great thing about the journey you have been on is that it has given you abundant proof of God’s goodness and His ability to do things far beyond what we might expect. We’re praying that this will be another of those proofs of God’s love and sufficiency for all of you. Jesus loves you desperately, and so do we.

  4. Derry Myers says:

    Davidene and family, Debby and i are very sorry that Kent is having such a rough time. We do know that God is sufficient for all things and we are not only praying for a medical miracle for Kent but that you, Kent and the family will know His peace and presence as you go through this difficult time. Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory. (Psalms 73:23, 24

  5. Ross A Hill says:

    Continued prayers for Kent, you and the entire family. Ross

    Ross A. Hill | CEO Bank2 Banking at Its Absolute Best™ 909 S Meridian | Oklahoma City, OK 73108 Main 405.946.2265 | Direct Fax 405-946-4769 | Alt Fax 405.946.2287 | Cell 405.413.8222 http://www.bank2online.com NMLS ID#500562 Sign up for my blog at http://www.rossahill.com

  6. John and Karen Ford says:

    We DECLARE for/with Kent and Davidene:

    “GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!! Morning by morning new mercies I see. ALL I have needed Thy hand has provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me! ”

    Thank you Father!

  7. Craig Haynie says:

    I have only met Kent a few times at FCCI but really have a heart for him. Such a great man and an inspiration to leaders of faith. I pray for God’s mercy on him, you, and your family and that even through difficulty you all would find comfort in the grace of our savior. Make your needs known so that God’s people can come alongside you in your time of need. Blessings – Craig

  8. Donna Lynn says:

    Davidene, Even though we are no longer in your SS class and attending a different church we still are on youremail list and still get one from the Pickelsimers. Kent, you and your family have been in our prayers and wewill continue to pray for you all as you face another obstacle. It takes a period of time to adjust to changes andespecially when they involve your mobility and ability to speak, hear, etc. We believe that Kent and you will be able to witness to others no matter what your situation as you havealready through your emails. I am sure it is difficult for all the children but they know who their Dad is andmaybe now it is time for them to carry you and him a bit? Let them help in whatever way they can. MayGod continue to bless you all through this very difficult time. Love in Christ,Gary & Donna Lynn Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 14:47:05 +0000 To: dlynnokc@hotmail.com

  9. Don Perryman says:

    Let me know if there is anything that I can do, but I will especially pray.

  10. Tracy Rader says:

    Prayers from the Rader’s!

  11. Rev. Dr. P.P. Johnson, Hyderabad, India says:

    My prayers are with you and Kent. He has inspired many and I now pray he is inspired by Holy Spirit and Kent to be available for many more to be inspired.

  12. Carolyn Churchill says:

    Brent Vawter has put me into the loop of your updates, for which I am grateful. I have been praying for all of your family throughout this difficult time. You are right about Select –very good staff of nurses and care givers on every level. I have added a couple of my widow friends to Kent’s email list for which they have been thankful. I know they also will be praying.

  13. Annecia Pinkson says:

    Wiley and I have been praying for you and Kent and your precious family. God promises in Isaiah 41:10 to strengthen us and uphold us with his right hand of righteousness.
    I know that is what God is doing right now.

  14. Dear Davidene, We have just now reconnected with email , so didn’t read this email before your most recent one today . We are both feeling sad and burdened for you all, but especially Kent. Thank you for effectively conveying the whole picture for us. Where would we be without our precious children. God has been so gracious to both of us. Our 2 families are blessed. On our holiday cruise with several southern Gospel groups, this one song from the Collingsworth family, has been playing over and over in my mind. The dad just a few months ago had very dangerous brain surgery with little hope of coming through it, so this song was his testimony. The truth that God is already in our tomorrows and preparing the way for us. Yes we definitely will pray for Kent as you asked, but this may be an encouragement to you all. Love Barb and JD

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    Barb Sent from my iPhoneo

    Barb Sent from my iPhone

  15. sueCarbary says:

    Thanks for the info – we are all praying at St Ann’s – Sue C.

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