jan 24th – update

Hi, Friends: It has been a long and eventful day. Kent was still off of the vent and breathing on his own when I arrived back at his room this morning. However, he was having a very difficult time working for every breath. As the day wore on, that effort grew more and more intense, until he was 100% focused and concentrating to gain each and every breath. His nurse said she had never seen anything like it. She said it would be like running a marathon while lying in bed, and he had been doing it for 23 hours. She is a fitness guru, and she stated that she could not have lasted an hour. But he was red and sweating with the effort, and his heart would soon show distress, so they decided to put him back on the ventilator. The doctor let Kent decide for himself. He asked him if he was having a hard time getting air, and Kent nodded. He then asked him if it was time to go back on the vent, and he nodded.He was past exhausted. The procedure went well, and he is again resting completely under sedation.

It was a disappointment in a way, but I am so glad that Kent had the chance to try to maintain himself, and was alert enough to decide for himself. He showed great strength and determination, and he will use those characteristics again to create a new pattern of life.

Kent will stay under sedation until next Monday or Tuesday, at which time a surgeon will do a tracheotomy. Kent will be much more comfortable without a tube down his throat, and the current tracheotomy devices have a valve that makes speaking easier to learn how to do. You know Kent – he will work on the new skill of talking with his new apparatus before he does anything else! It will be a challenge that he will conquer. As soon as he can communicate, he will tell me to bring a box of books to the ICU so that he can give them away!

For now, please pray for rest and healing for him. Pray for rest for the family, and for wisdom as we tackle some decisions that will need to be made. God is slowly revealing what lies ahead, one step at a time. I am grateful that it is not one leap at a time, because it would be too much to handle. We are learning a new normal, and Kent does not even know how much has happened and how much activity has swirled around him as he slept. When he wakes up from surgical anesthesia next week, it will be to a new world for him. Pray in advance for him as he learnes about what has happened to him, and faces the immediate future of improvement and rehab. Your involvement in our lives is cherished by us. Davidene and family


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

11 Responses to jan 24th – update

  1. Laurie Goree says:

    May each of you continue to sense God’s presence, love, and guidance each step of this journey. Love and prayers.

  2. Keith Burkhart says:

    I don’t think Kent knows how big an impact he had made on my life and ministry the last five years. It is an honor to lift him and your family up in prayer.

  3. Doug & Janet Hunter says:

    Your description of how Kent will respond is so on target, Davidene. And you will be the Partner in his corner that God will use to cheer him on with each step and give him the strength to face each challenge. You two are an amazing package. We will just keep reminding you how loved you are, and how hopeful we continue to be that God has that plan to give you a future and a hope. We’re praying for your rest as Kent rests, and will be praying for what’s next. Much love in Christ, Doug & Janet

  4. Max DeWeese says:

    The chronicle of the events and medical response to Kent’s health journey have special impact when so lovingly portrayed by a devoted partner. Thank you for providing those of us who know and love you both the insight that allows us to prayerfully accompany you on this difficult trek.

  5. Bayo & Erem karunwi says:

    The Lord will continually strengthen you on all sides,you and your family as you go through this together ,in Jesus name amen. Our thoughts are with you always. Davidene we must say We admire your strength and all The Lord is speaking through you to us as a family,We won’t relent in our prayers. God bless you Bayo ,Erem and family.

  6. Laura Manahan says:

    Continued prayers for Kent and a special prayer for next week’s procedure. Davidene you are such a strong woman and an example of total dependence on our Lord. Even in your moments of stress, which are more than I can imagine, you let God’s love shine through you. Thank you and know prayer warriors around the world are lifting you up.

  7. dkfagin@aol.com says:

    Dear Davidene, I feel your great love… now filled with disappointment. Kent is such a great fighter. The Lord’s miracles will continue and we can be sure that Kent will do his best to overcome these temporary problems. We are praying that he will regain his strength with the long rest over the weekend and that the tracheotomy will provide a fresh re-start to his recuperation.

    Our world needs men and women of the commitment, courage, and conviction that Kent has always modeled for us ordinary folks. I know that every good day the Lord gives him will be like a beacon of light to all of those around him. Our prayers for Kent’s recovery extend to you, Davidene, to your wonderful children and grandchildren, and to the rest of your immediate and extended family. May you all enjoy the Lord’s richest blessings, David and Terry Fagin

  8. Bruce Barteaux says:

    Our Prayers are with you all

  9. Tim Mcleer says:

    I bet you Kent will find a way for others (not for himself) to find a new path
    to deal with this. He will find a blessing, I know he will !!!

  10. Sue Carbary says:

    Thinking of you both and praying – everyday Sue C.

  11. How is it that you are able to be such an encouragement to all of us? Bless you both and praying for the best possible outcome in this next chapter of your lives. Love you both so much.

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