2012 Update – Heading Towards Simplicity

The year started in early January with a flare-up in Kent’s airways.  After five days in the hospital with massive steroids, we were finally ready to get started on our year.  We have learned to be flexible and focus on the important. February gave us an opportunity to celebrate our 45th anniversary in Kauai.  And in March, God allowed us to really experience a miracle; we took a team to India to train pastors and workplace leaders in five major cities.  Our friends, Perry Bowers and Geoff Jordan, were a huge help.  Kent was able to speak 39 times in 13 days.  In the later days he spoke 4 to 6 times a day. This showed the amazing power that God provides through the prayers of the saints.  Other than that, we traveled very little in 2012 and concentrated on spending time right in our home city.

Our family continues to be a joy as our two oldest grandsons turned sixteen and started to drive.  Times at the lake provided us some special opportunities to enjoy each other.  God’s blessings on our children, grand-children, and extended family continues to cause us to be very thankful to Him.  Kent’s mother is 92 and in good health. She now has over sixty of us in her extended family.  We have great times as we get together four or five times a year.

Davidene continues to enjoy fun times with the grandchildren, her weekly time of teaching the seniors in the Joy Club Bible Study, and spending time with the ladies in our neighborhood.  She has worked on several of our book projects this year, as well.

Kent’s health is stable. He continues to take breathing treatments daily and works on getting plenty of rest.  He goes to the office a couple of times a week and works at home the rest of the time.   Most of his time is spent with business and ministry leaders, with pastors (face-to-face or over the phone), and with many young workplace leaders.  Kent did a lot of speaking in churches and schools right in the city or within driving distance from OKC.  Since most of our business investments are primarily in real estate and entrepreneurial businesses, we continue to experience some real challenges in this extended rough economy.

 Kent’s health has caused us to cut out a lot of the activities that we have enjoyed in the past, but we have found real joy in less activity and quiet evenings together.  We have learned to adjust to the “new normal” and appreciate the blessing of enjoying each day of God’s provision and the wonderful relationships with family and friends that God has given us, literally around the globe.  We wish that we could see YOU “face-to-face” but we can communicate in other ways. We are so thankful for your friendship in this journey called life.  We pray that this next year will bring you good health, deep joy, and peace in the midst of a world in chaos.  Please join us as we delight in the fresh opportunities of each new day of walking with our Creator.

Kent and Davidene


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

3 Responses to 2012 Update – Heading Towards Simplicity

  1. David Fagin says:

    Thank you so much for keeping Terry and I in the loop with your distribution of devotionals and your many exciting ministry activities. God is great! You both are an inspiration to all of us. May he continue to bless you with the strength to pursue His work in your daily lives.
    With love,
    David and Terry Fagin, Denver.

  2. Guy Madison says:

    Kent, I continue to be grateful for you and our friendship. I do truly miss our face to face time together. You have made such a difference in my life in a multitude of ways. Thank you.

    Continuing to pray for you.
    Your friend,

  3. Tim Mcleer says:

    Both you and Davidene will always be admired by me. I really miss my days at Jacks.
    The best company I had the opportunity to be with. —–now I realize that more than ever!!!

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