Nov. 12th – update

Dear Friends: I haven’t updated you in over a week, so here is the current “news” about health issues. It is slightly confusing, because Kent’s tests seem to indicate one thing, while his body indicates another. Every two weeks, he has been having blood tests that show inflammation factors. When these numbers go down, it indicates that inflammation is also going down. Active Polychondritis always involves inflammation, so even when we can’t always tell exactly where in his body the disease is working, we know it is active somewhere if the numbers are up. There are three separate tests that the drs use, so I am not going to try to give exact numbers here, but these tests have been going up since August. They are now quite high. About a month ago, just when they got high enough to cause the drs to consider raising Kent’s steroids again, they began to lower very lightly. Kent had more tests this week, which we expected to show a significant increase in numbers. Kent’s ears( first the left one, then both of them), had become red, hot, and swollen. In fact, for three days the steroids had been temporarily increased a little to account for the change. The tests results were not up, but slightly down! Whether the steroids caused a false result, or whether the disease has succumbed to constant prayer against it, we don’t know. But both ears are still hot and painful to the touch. However, Kent feels fine and is still going about his business every day. His walking seems to have helped his strength some, and we are now so used to the therapies and treatments, that he takes them with him if he is leaving the house, and goes on about his life. He is going to an OU basketball game tonight! The disease is obviously active, but has seemed to move back to his head. That’s a lot better than having it active in the lungs.

Some of you have asked about the severe anemia I have been experiencing, and the iron transfusions that I have had.  I have now had seven transfusions over a 2 1/2 month period, and am still not quite within normal range. One more should do it, and I get that next Wed. It seems that my body does no longer make a certain enzyme that is necessary for iron absorption, so this may be an ongoing problem. We will wait and see.

In the meantime, both of us are back to a more normal life, even to doing extra fun things that had been omitted for the past 6 months. We are planning to leave for a vacation in December, one which Kent planned for us a year ago, and never cancelled. He either had a lot more faith than me, or he was not looking that far ahead. At any rate, we are excited about it now. And Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We LOVE that holiday. We will be with family for 4 days, and life can’t get better than that.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family if your country has the holiday. If it doesn’t, take some extra time with your family sometime in November (before the Christmas season really gets under way) and just express your thanks to them and to God for what they mean to you. Personal “Thanksgivings” are good, too.

With Love and Thanks for you, Davidene


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

One Response to Nov. 12th – update

  1. Gene Anderson says:

    GOD bless you guys–thanks so much for the updates. You both will continue to be in my prayers. Love you two!!

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