oct 14th – update

Hi, Friends.

I waited until we got some test results back, so that I could give you an accurate update. Although Kent has been stable for over a month, (and we have been enjoying every second of the time!), we have also been aware that the disease is not in remission. We knew that because it has been active in his left ear, swelling the ear canal and making it difficult to place his hearing aid. We have also been watching the inflammation indicators that blood tests provide. They have been creeping up over the past months, which also indicates the activity of the disease.

Early last summer, after a month of being on the medicine that suppresses his immune system, Kent’s results on a test that we watch went from 47 to 9. That is good. It then crept back up over the summer into the 20s. That was not as good as a 9, but still gave no cause to change the steroids, and having the steroids low was really helping Kent to recover in a lot of areas. His thin skin was healing, he was losing weight, his diabetes was responding well, and the edema in his feet and legs was improving greatly. So the drs kept things as they were.

In Sept, the tests results went into the 30s. In the past 4 weeks, they have jumped, and this week are into the 40s again (41), which is not good. More tests will be taken in 2 weeks. At that time, if it has raised more, the drs. from OKC and Johns Hopkins will confer to decide what to do with his meds to get it under control again. If something must be done,, there are basically two choices, to increase the steroids, or to increase the immune system suppressant.

In the meantime, we have been able to attend several wonderful events and even go see a movie (our first in 4 months)! We are still enjoying this gorgeous Oklahoma fall. We are walking daily around our little lake. It seems to shimmer. The water is usually quite still, broken up in places by a jumping fish, or a couple of ducks landing on it. Sometimes the water is split by one of our dogs jumping into it and swimming around. It is comical when you realize that our dogs are shih tzus, white fluffy things with extra long tails and ears. When they swim, their fur floats up around them, looking like a huge dust mop floating in lazy circles in the lake. Every walk is different, and it occurs to me that God loves to give His children variety, beauty, and enjoyment – everyday.

Help us pray, and we’ll keep watching for God’s goodness.



About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

6 Responses to oct 14th – update

  1. Laura Manahan says:

    Continuing to lift you both in prayer – thank you for your words of encouragement you both give to others when your own circumstances could take precedence. You are both truly blessings from God to so many – please remember that daily.

  2. Linda Alleman says:

    thanks for the update…so thankful our great loving Father is giving you joy in the midst of difficult days…continuing in prayer…much love to you both

  3. Mark Stapp says:

    Always eager to read your updates! it has been good to see Kent at church recently. We’re praying those numbers turn around.

  4. Harold Armstrong says:

    It was really great to see and visit briefly with Kent as he attended the CBMC Salt & Light Award Dinner on Tuesday evening of this week. He was the very worthy recipient of this award in 2009. After all that Kent has been through physically for the past year, it was very special for those of us who have been praying for him and following the wonderful updates that Davidene has provided, to have him spend the evening with us.

    You both are continuing to minister to all of us who love you, in many ways.

    Praise Him!

  5. Gene Anderson says:

    Thanks for the update Davidene. You two are a tremendous blessing to everyone you come in contact with and a great example of what Christianity is all about. You both are in my prayers and I know the Great Physician has HIS eyes on you and your hearts. Father GOD, I claim your divine healing for Kent in every area through the name of your Son, JESUS CHRIST. Thank you GOD, for hearing and answering this prayer.

  6. Cathy Westm says:

    Please continue to walk around God’s shimmering lake whilst viewing the paddling of floating fur. Blessings & prayers for that specific test count to be quickly lowered and remain in the single digits.

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