June 22 – update

Dear Friends:  I have a personal prayer request today. For over 20 years, Kent & I have taken our children, and now grandchildren, to Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado for our family vacation. It is really important to all of us, and each family plans their schedules around this special week every year. This year, we were scheduled to go in June. When Kent was in ICU two weeks before departure, our kids realized that it wasn’t going to happen. So, they took it upon themselves to call Lost Valley to try to reschedule us to a different week. This is unheard of, since Lost Valley would be booked for July and August, but they called anyway. The folks at Lost Valley not only found a week that we could squeeze in, but they maneuvered to get us the cabins we are used to – close to each other and on a road that we can drive Kent down to the ranchhouse. Kent & I had a little cry when we realized what the kids had done, and how badly they want their Dad to be there on this family vacation. Now the date is drawing near (July 11-18), and we have to make preparations if this is to happen. There are a lot of things to consider, and the dr. must give approval. I know it sounds foolish and impractical to even think about it, but God delights in giving us the desires of our hearts, as long as they are in His will. So I am asking you to pray with me that this desire might be fulfilled if it is in His will. We know that there is a hospital in Denver that is capable of handling an emergency with a pulmonary stent (a 1 1/2 hour drive away), but we sure do not want to have to use it! The medical equipment we would need is not a problem. Kent would have to go the next 3 weeks without a relapse, and continue to gain strength. He is, by the way, doing great with his walking and getting around. He has been out for a haircut and a lunch with friends, and he has dr. appts. today. So the medicine is working, and we are encouraged.

With hope in God’s grace,



About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

11 Responses to June 22 – update

  1. susan fowler says:

    I have learned that there is no request too “unimportant” for our Father. He is the one who established family. I will be praying for your vacation. Just yesterday, I gave in to discouragement as I wait for the call to begin my treatments. Then I turned to the Word. Ps. 142 and 143 were my lifeline from the Father.
    Praising Him for continued improvement and continuing to pray for strength and wisdom as you seek to take this vacation with family.

  2. Par & Donna McGrath says:

    We rejoice to see how the Lord rescheduled your cabin and we now rejoice that The Lord cares and is more than able to make the desire of your family a reality!

    We stand by you in prayer trusting the Lord to protect and renew Kens strength

    love ya mucho!

    Pat & Donna

  3. Don Lee says:

    I remember fondly the two trips we took to Lost Valley with you back in the 80’s. They are some of the best vacations we ever had. My daughter Terri and I sometimes reminisce about the great time there we had riding horses, the food, the rodeo, the atmosphere, and how much fun we had with the friends that were with us. Someday I’d like to go back there again. We will continue to pray for Kent’s recovery, and that you & he will get to go on this vacation.
    Don Lee

  4. Linda Alleman says:

    I will be praying..sounds like just the kind of special gift that God would delight in giving to all of you! love you much!!

  5. Brian Ray says:

    Lost Valley Ranch… one of my favorite places and families anywhere on planet. i pray much blessings and healing for you all. Brian

  6. Cheryl Bush says:

    NO request is too trivial to God and this setting would be an awesome time for family to be together and love on you both. We’ll pray for no stumbling blocks to arise and for God’s grace to get everything in line so that this ‘special’ time can be enjoyed by all. Love you guys and special prayers for this special week.

  7. David Rice says:

    Will keep praying!

  8. Misty says:

    God is absolutely in the miracle business, Davidene. I don’t think I’ve posted yet on here, but I have been carefully following each post as well as keeping my amazing in-laws abreast of Kent’s progress as well. Let me share something with you today…

    When I learned that I was pregnant with this precious baby I’m carrying, I had a long-distance friend who had been struggling, finally gave her desire for MORE children (she already has 2 boys) over to God and several weeks ago she became pregnant. This alone was a miracle as there are things that she struggles with because she has issues with conceiving and carrying children to term. Early on in her pregnancy, it appeared that she was going to lose the child and she was placed on bedrest for a couple of weeks and they fared very well, God provided healing.

    She is just now 15 weeks along – JUST into her second trimester and Friday as she was carrying her 2-year-old down the stairs in their 2-level home, she tripped and fell down the split-level staircase and the 2-year-old flew out of her arms – by the grace of God alone landing on a body pillow that she had been complaining about the night before that was laying in the floor of the hall – he is completely and totally unscathed. Praise God!

    However, my friend falls down the first level with such force that she hits her back against the wall and it propels her down the next level of stairs. She at some point hit her head and when she became orientated moments later, realized that she could not see her toddler – he had gotten up and was playing in another room. She realized that she was sitting in fluid, and fears that her water has broken, contacts the doctor who is convinced that she will without doubt lose this child. The doctor agrees to see her immediately for an ultrasound – as I said before, this is already a high-risk pregnancy – and her water has not broken, her placenta is still attached, the baby is rolling around and sucking it’s thumb – AND it appears to be without a particular appendage…could possibly be a girl this time! 🙂 My friend is on bedrest with many bruises and a few cracked ribs, but everyone is well.

    I heard this story this morning and it is wordy, but I just had to share to encourage you – all the odds were against my friend. Everyone was convinced that there was just no hope – however, I am so in awe of God and His miracles today more than ever! I am praising God today for His protection and His provision…and I am praying that God will continue to provide and protect you.

    God knows your heart and I believe that God can provide this amazing time with family that you hope and pray for. He is ABSOLUTELY still in the miracle business…as if my being pregnant after nearly 10 years of infertility and no medical intervention isn’t enough, my friend’s story has covered me with “God-bumps”, as another friend likes to say. 🙂

    Love to you both!


  9. michaelkreynolds says:

    It’s encouraging to see Kent is doing better. God Bless your wonderful family.

  10. Dan & Comfort Ndangason says:

    Dear Davidene,

    Thanks for reminding us how God is involved in every detail of our lives, we are in agreement with you that God will show mercy and grant this heart desire. We thank God that Kent is making progress, we keep praying.

    Much love from us all.

    Dan & Comfort.

  11. James Robinson says:

    We join you in praying for this…what a wonderful part of the healing process.

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