june 8th – update

KENT CAME HOME TODAY!!! Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

We arrived home with our own equipment for breathing treatments, and we are feeling pretty free. It’s a great day in every way. We are both exhausted, and there will be a lot of adjustments, but it is just wonderful to be home to make them! THANKS, again, for all you did to make this happen.

Some of you have asked whether the stent surgery caused the crisis that nearly took his life. The answer is yes and no. If he had not had the stents placed when he did, he would have faced a huge crisis within days. Either he would suffocate, or be living on a ventilator with little chance to get off of it. Let me explain. Kent’s airways had collapsed so badly and so thoroughly, that he had only 5% air exchange upon exhaling. You can’t live like that for very long, because if you don’t go into respiratory failure, you may experience cardiac failure due to the enormous stress on the heart when the lungs are not functioning. So getting the stents very probably saved his life, and definitely gave him the only chance he had to ever live with some quality of life. They are placed perfectly and are functioning just as they should. BUT – all of the bronchoscopies he had (5), and the surgery itself, stirred up old junk that was sitting in the bottom of his lungs. For probably over a year, he had been breathing using less and less of his lung space. As his breathing got shallower, the bottom of his lungs filled up with dust and other debris that a person with normal lung function just coughs out. We actually cough many times a day doing this, and we are largely unaware of doing it. This stuff had accumulated until it was thick, sticky, and dark colored. When it came loose and started working its way up his airways, it stuck to the sides, and then stuck to itself, until Kents airways were completely closed off . Kent was trying to cough it up, but could not. It took about 24 hours after we left Johns Hopkins before we were aware that something was not right. By this time we were at our lake house, thinking that he could rest there. By Sunday morning, he was in crisis. We drove him back to Okla. City where his dr. could handle the problem, not realizing at all how dangerous the whole situation was. When we arrived at Mercy Hospital, he was literally drowning in this sticky mucus. His blood pressure was 217 over 135 – dangerously high. As you know, the crisis worsened before it got better, and God, in His mercy, saved him. Now he is coughing up newly produced secretions, which are not infected, or as thick. He is doing well with that, and inhalation therapy helps keep it thin and managable for him. So, without the stent surgery, the old mucus may not have come up like it did, but he did not have long to be able to breathe on his own, maybe just days or weeks at best. This way, the old stuff (which carried infection) is gone, and he can breathe on his own. It still isn’t normal strong breathing, but it will get stronger to an extent, and Kent can enjoy walking, talking, writing, and mentoring again. So keep praying for strength and for a remission in the disease.

In Him, Davidene


About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

16 Responses to june 8th – update

  1. Amazing! Thank you Father God for your many blessings.

    Thank you for this precious family and for the gift of life.

  2. susan fowler says:

    Gary and I continue to pray. We, too have faced a health crisis with the cancer that I have experienced. God continues to guide and direct. I return to the surgeon tomorrow to see where we are.
    Isn’t it amazing to watch God at work and know that only our Creator could bring us through the crises? Kent has so much still to offer, but think how many lives have been touched by the testimony of your family.

    Praying for complete healing.

  3. Barb And JD says:

    Way to go Kent…you made it home…Thank you God for making it possible. Thanks for the explanation . Amazing to see how we work. WE will keep on praying for you both.
    PTL. JD

  4. Joy Fischer says:

    Wads and Woms-

    Glory! Hope you’ll both take it easy. I’ve been reading the updates to Mom each night and she’s thrilled. Love you and see you soon.


  5. Irene Costilow says:

    So thankful to hear this great news! And thank you for the explanation; it really helps to understand all that he has been going through.
    Our prayers are with you both! Rest and rejoice in your home – no place like home!
    Love to you both,
    Irene & Pete

  6. Linda Sageser says:

    Thanks so much, Davidene, for the explanation today about the whole situation with Kent. It makes a lot of sense now after reading each day’s report. Your daily blogs were very informative. We love you guys and are also thankful for the outcome of such an “eventful” week. Now maybe life will calm down for you so that you can both relax.

    Praying for strength and remission,
    Linda and Sherrill Sageser

  7. Par & Donna McGrath says:

    Praise the Lord for His grace and answered prayer. We need you at the front line!

    Regain your strength and get ready for being used in a most powerful way to continue conquering territory for Christ.

    Love and appreciate you!

    Best Saludos!

    Par & Donna

  8. John Wilson says:

    The scripture that came to mind as I was reading this was “And Jesus said to him, ‘Go; YOUR faith has made you well'” Mark 10:52. I can remember Kent talking about faith and how he has trusted God in many of his messages that he preached. Thanks for living your words and being an example.

    Following Jesus,

    John Wilson

  9. Carol Mahaffey Bell says:

    So glad to hear Kent is home and doing good! Blessings, such wonderful blessings!

  10. angie kircher says:

    Hey Davidene!! Praise God is exactly what I’m doing!! What else could you possibly do? I’m so thrilled for both of you that Kent is home! Is our God just awesome or what? Kent has lived his life constantly serving and worshipping God…so many have benefitted and come to know God as a result of what he has taught and lived and then BINGO–we get another miracle!! God’s totally aware of the servant He has in Kent Humphreys—He knows no matter what obstacles are placed in his way, Kent will glorify Him no matter what!!! Praise God!!!! Love you both….can you get me on your emails???? Danna forwarded this to me!! Thanks!

  11. Pam and Jack says:

    Kent and Davidene,

    We knew that things were very critical last week and that we almost lost you, Kent. The explanation for what happened to you gives us so much encouragement that you have really turned the corner. It also gives us a bigger picture of the miracle that occurred.

  12. Barbara Buchholtz says:

    HE has blessed us with the very breath we take, and it is something we all do without thinking……..HE is an awesome God……..thank God for Kent’s healing and being home to do that…….

  13. Patrick says:

    So your desciption is a physical picture of a spiritual truth—our old junk from our old man just gets more and more corroded in our hearts and minds until we get rid of it through surrendering it to Christ.

    When we have the stints inserted—grace and mercy– we begin to breathe fresh clean air and the muck gets diluted until it actually gets removed—confession—and then comes freedom to breathe in and out abundantly.

    It reminds of the worship song—you are the air I breathe—one of the lines says how desparate we are for God—your Holy Spirit living in me — you are the air I breathe. The gift of life as the Lord breathed life into Adam

    Tina and I are excited that the Lord has said “not yet”to you Kent there is more life to live for Him. But for all of us to live as though it might be today that our last breathe here is taken–right now I’m sure enjoying this breathing thing I seem to take for granted. So Kent start writing ——after you take a nap!

  14. Debra Duncan says:

    Kent and Davidene:

    So glad to hear that Kent, you are doing better. We have been praying and will continue to do so. Danna forwarded to me the updates and we would like to be added to your email list (which I see that we can do below!)

    Just know that we are concerned and praying for your complete recovery, Kent!


    Scott and Debra Duncan

  15. Vickey Banks says:

    Kent & Davidene –

    Thank YOU, Jesus!!! Brian and I could not be more thrilled for you and your family. We are so deeply grateful for you both that we couldn’t fully express it if we tried for a decade! And oh, how thankful we are to God for the gift that you both are, that you’ve been to us personally, and that He has given you more time together here.

    Just yesterday I received something else in the mail from you as you continue to minister to me in my season of grief. Thank you for so lavishly reaching out to the hurting. May God be more real to you both right now than ever before. May you sense His nearness is tangible ways and be buoyed by His strength. We love you guys!

    Because of Him,
    Vickey Banks

  16. Cathy Westm says:

    Praise Christ!

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