Thanks for Praying

If you did not believe in the power of prayer before you traveled for 22 days to four countries, then you would certainly believe after such a trip.  Your prayers and God’s provision led me every step of the way.  God showed Himself in so many ways.  Time and time again He opened doors to workplace leaders, pastors, and Divine appointments in each of the nations.  So, I want to genuinely thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Our time in Turkey was brief, but we got to meet with some key leaders who gave us some keen insights into the Israeli – Palestinian issues. We did a small bit of sight seeing and were off to Israel and Bethlehem. Our team attended the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference ( sponsored by Bethlehem Bible College. This gave me a deeper understanding of the issues and needed reconciliation between both sides.  We Evangelicals in the USA usually only get one side (the Israeli one) of this issue. I am now very much more informed on some of the issues and am praying for both sides to be reconciled in a peaceful manner.  Many are suffering in Palestine.  If some of the key issues are not resolved soon, the violence will continue. The conflict heated up while we were there, and the checkpoint was closed to local workers, was tightened up each day for 5 days, and there were demonstrations and a policeman was wounded.   As a business leader, I will try to help those who are trying to provide jobs for those living in the land.  We were allowed some special treats to be able to meet privately with key business leaders, farmers, and pastors.  I can not share with you publicly, but there is some unbelievable work being done among the Muslims in the West Bank with tremendous success.

An all night flight to Nigeria brought me to the huge city of Lagos (about 20 million people).  There I was hosted by a business leader Dominic, and a Navigator staff Dan.  In addition to private meetings, we had a Pastor’s Conference, a Workplace Leaders Conference, a dinner for Key business leaders starting a new ministry, and I spoke in a church on Sunday.  I was extremely well received and have some key invitations to return.  I was treated like royalty by my gracious hosts and experienced the challenges of the traffic in such a city.  We are going to partner in a number of areas with Dan and the Navigators and several other key ministries and churches.  There are many opportunities for discipleship and leadership training in Nigeria and other African nations. FCCI (Crown Companies in Africa) and other workplace ministries will be partnering in supporting several of these marketplace efforts through resources, visits, seminars, and encouragement.

Another night of flying took me to Nairobi, Kenya. A few hours after getting off the plane I was leading an all day Pastors’ Conference.  I gave them the biblical truths and they were amazed at the truths.  They were humble, teachable, and so open to what God was saying.  I have been received well by pastors all over the world, but the reception that I received in Kenya and Nigeria was tremendous.  God really worked as a result of YOUR PRAYERS!!

The Workplace Leader Seminar was equally well received and people stayed around for three hours afterwards fellowshipping.  From talking to local leaders I learned a lot about the violence of three years ago and the current political situation.  Pray that the NEW constitution of Kenya will be approved in a June election.  It is very important to the stability of the nation.  We had many key meetings, and my hosts, Simon a Pastor and Michael a young business leader gave me a wonderful experience. I met Simon in Amsterdam in 2000 and we have become dear friends.  My heart really went out to these leaders and their nation.

I will not be going to Asia in May as planned, and unless I go back to Africa, I will not be going overseas again until the fall.  During the next few months you can pray for the following:

  1. We are doing a Marketplace Retreat next weekend in Ohio, and some filming for classes at Western Seminary two weeks later, with a board meeting the weekend in between.
  2. Two new books will be out this month. Pray for God to give us direction in the initial distribution:
    Christ@Work Opening Doors in Your Workplace
    and Christ@Work In Your Transition from the Campus to the Workplace
  3. Please continue to pray for my health, which had the disease become aggressive in February and early March with the normal side effects.

I appreciate your support and friendship.

Your Brother, Kent

About kenthumphreys
Kent Humphreys has been a business leader for over forty years. He also served as CEO of FCCI/Christ@Work for six years and now serves as their worldwide ambassador, speaking, writing, and mentoring young leaders. He continues to be active in distribution, private equities, and real estate. Kent and his wife Davidene have written six books together. They have three children and eight grand-children.

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